Edward Fanning

(*Edward Fanning – Sophia Adeline Fanning – William Charles Crooks – Norman Chipman Crooks – Ada Constance Crooks)

Edward FANNING and his wife Maria lived in Lunenburg, though I have not been able to confirm his origins with certainty. In 1784, an Edward Fanning, along with numerous others, was granted a 50 acre lot in Mason’s Division below Shelburne,  Queen’s County, on the Eastern side of the harbour. There is also an Edward Fanning that appears on the 1787 census for the Ragged Islands in Hebron, Queens County.

According to the “History of the County Lunenburg” by Mather Byles DesBrisay  (published in 1895), an Edward Fanning was among those illegally settled at Cape la Have “many years ago”. This group of settlers had “built houses, cleared land and fenced in hay lots, and claimed the right to sell sea manure from the beaches”, but they were ejected by the authorities and their homes torn down. It is unclear, though, whether any of these references relate to our Edward Fanning.

Edward and Maria had seven children:

1. Margaret Elizabeth FANNING born 8 Aug 1812 and christened 7 Jun 1813 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Lunenburg. She married John Frederick SILVER, who was descended from some of the original settlers of Lunenburg who came from the Palatinate, Germany, in 1753. They had two children.

The 6 March 1840 edition of the Christian Messenger reported a “Melancholy Occurrence” where two women, one a married Silver and the other a single Fanning, perished in a snowstorm while traveling from New Harbour to Coddles Harbour on February 18th of that same year. This story combined with the fact that John subsequently married and had children with Eliza LANGLEY can lead one to believe that Margaret might have been the married Silver lady described in the article. I have not been able to find any trace of Margaret’s older sister, Sarah, so it may be that she was the single Fanning lady who perished alongside Margaret.

Margaret and John had two daughters:

  • Mary SILVER born March 1839 in Isaac’s Harbour. She married James DAVIDSON, a fisherman, on 7 Jul 1872 in Stormont, Guysborough County. In 1891, James is listed on the census as a miner, a cooper in 1901, a carpenter in 1911, and a labourer in 1921. Mary died on 2 May 1927 in Isaac’s Harbour. They had three children:
    • Bertha Alberta DAVIDSON born 5 Jan 1873 in Isaac’s Harbour.  She appears on the 1900 United States census as living in Conway, Franklin, Massachusetts with her husband, Arthur LANGLEY, and the year of their marriage is listed as 1894. Bertha, Arthur, and their daughter Lena are listed as boarders in the household of Henry Young, a blacksmith. Arthur’s occupation is listed as a rigger. By 1911, the couple and their growing family had moved back to Isaac’s Harbour, where Arthur worked as a labourer. Bertha died 9 Sep 1957 in Centrelea, Annapolis County. She and Arthur had nine children:
      • Lena Mae LANGLEY born 30 May 1895 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married Tremaine COOK. According to “Cook Descendants – Inlaws and Outlaws
        by Patricia Lumsden, the couple divorced, and most of their children were placed in foster homes or adopted. Both Lena and Tremaine moved on to second marriages, but upon the death of their spouses, they actually reconciled and remarried. Lena died in 1966.
      • Freda Belle LANGLEY born Feb 1900 in Isaac’s Harbour. She never married and died in 1969.
      • Chester Ward LANGLEY born 3 Jun 1901 in Isaac’s Harbour. On 8 Sep 1922, he married Lottie May CLYBURNE at the Baptist parsonage in Isaac’s Harbour and had issue. Chester is listed as a sailor on the ship’s manifest of the Schooner Mary F. Anderson, which arrived in New York on 23 Oct 1922 from Liscomb, Nova Scotia. He died 18 Dec 1968 in Antigonish.
      • Hettie Ray LANGLEY born Sep 1903 in Isaac’s Harbour. In 1921, she was working in Halifax as a maid in the household of Ernest Glenister. Hettie married William James PRICKETT, a soldier in the Royal Canadian Artillery, on 30 Sep 1926 in Halifax.
      • Hilda Leah LANGLEY born 12 Oct 1904 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married Arnold Judson MACMILLAN, a storekeeper, on 15 Mar 1923 in Isaac’s Harbour. Died 16 Feb 1988 in Powell River, British Columbia.
      • Grace LANGLEY born Aug 1908 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married Marshall FENTON, a lumberman, on 1 Feb 1926 in Country Harbour.
      • Inez Catherine LANGLEY born 30 Apr 1911 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married Edward Charlie ALEXANDER, a motor mechanic, on 10 Nov 1928 in Isaac’s Harbour. Died in 1992.
      • Edith Cavelle LANGLEY born 8 Oct 1915 in Isaac’s Harbour. (Interesting that she was likely named after British WWI nurse Edith Cavell who was executed by the Germans less than a week after this Edith’s birth.) Married Roland George WEBB, a seaman, on 8 Apr 1935 in Halifax.
    • Verena Bell DAVIDSON born 12 Sep 1874 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married John C. COOK, a fisherman, on 13 Jul 1895 in Isaac’s Harbour. Died 8 Mar 1961 in Antigonish.
    • Spurgeon DAVIDSON born 1878, died 15 Jan 1898.
  • Eliza Margaret SILVER born abt. 1841 in Isaac’s Harbour. She married Moses LANGLEY and had issue:
    • Clarissa Ann LANGLEY born 29 Apr 1864 in Goldboro. Married Peter SMITH on 22 Aug 1883 in Isaac’s Harbour. Peter was a gold miner, and they lived in Country Harbour. Clarissa died 9 Nov 1938 in Halifax. She and Peter had eight children:
      • William Otto SMITH born 10 Sep 1882. Married Lottie CLYBURN 21 Aug 1908 in Goldboro. He was a blacksmith and steel worker. William died 12 Jan 1944 in New Glasgow.
      • Alexander SMITH born 25 Mar 1885 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married Lena MALLOY on 7 Nov 1907 in Country Harbour and had issue. He was a miner who farmed on the side. Alexander died 21 Feb 1951 in Antigonish and is buried in Crossroads Cemetery in Country Harbour.
      • Harvey SMITH born c. 1888 in Country Harbour. Married Gertrude HUDSON on 21 Dec 1911 in Loch Katrine, Antigonish, and had issue (eleven daughters and fours sons). Harvey worked as a miner and a lumberman. Died 1969.
      • Susan May SMITH born 22 May 1893. Married Frank MASON on 12 Oct 1910 in Port Katrine, Antigonish, and had issue.
      • Eliza Jane “Lidie” SMITH born 12 Jun 1895. Married Samuel BOWIE on 29 Jan 1915 in Loch Katrine, Antigonish. Died 28 Nov 1951 in Halifax.
      • Earl Hearthville SMITH born 1899. Married Ellen BEZANSON on 5 May 1937 in Argyle, Guysborough. Died 1980.
      • Peter Clarence SMITH born 13 Nov 1902. Married Mary Bridget DIGGANS 18 Sep 1939 in Argyle, Guysborough. Died 29 Apr 1968.
      • Clara Hazel SMITH born 27 Aug 1906 in Country Harbour. Married John MCLEAN.

2.  Sarah FANNING born 7 Jan 1815 in Lunenburg. Possibly perished in a snowstorm in 1840 (see above).

3. John Edward FANNING born 25 Dec 1816 in Lunenburg. Married Mary Ann CROOKS (the daughter of William CROOKS and Margaret Ann ACKER). There was a John Fanning on the 1840 historic roll of Isaac’s Harbour Baptist Church (History and stories of Isaac’s Harbour & Goldboro by Findlay Cooke, p. 50). On the 1871 Census, his occupation is listed as fisherman. John died sometime before 1881, where he does not appear on the census. John and Mary Ann had thirteen children:

  • Lucy FANNING born around 1843. Married John BEESWHANGER, a fisherman, on 3 Sep 1867 in Coddles Harbour. Had a daughter:
    • Effie Caroline BEESWHANGER born Jun 1878. Eventually moved to Boston, where she was the housekeeper for Henry I. CROOKS (son of James William CROOKS and Sophie Adeline FANNING (her great aunt)). Henry was married to her mother’s sister, Melissa FANNING, and Effie and Henry married in 1911 after Melissa’s death and they had a daughter, Effie Eleanor CROOKS (1912-1934). Effie died 26 May 1947 in New Glasgow.
  • John Charles FANNING born around 1845. Married Eunice Margaret SANGSTER on 3 Dec 1871 in Guysborough. They lived in Isaac’s Harbour, and he was a fisherman. Charles died 20 May 1912 in Seal Harbour.  He and Eunice had eight children:
    • Jane FANNING born 1872
    • David Benjamin FANNING born 21 Mar 1876 in Coddles Harbour. Married Frances Emma GAMMON on 25 Jul 1899 in Seal Harbour. They had a daughter (Dora Mable FANNING born Dec 1905. Married Harry B. JONES, a farmer, on 25 Oct 1924 in Isaac’s Harbour.) Frances died sometime before 1911, where David is recorded as a widower and living in the household of his cousin, John BEESWANGER. David worked as a fisherman. On 4 Apr 1917, he remarried to Lucy Jane RUDOLPH in Spanish Ship Bay. David died 10 Feb 1945 in Seal Harbour. He and Lucy had two children – Russell FANNING born 1918 and Morley FANNING born 1921. 
    • Manson Bigelow FANNING born 2 Apr 1877 in Seal Harbour. Married Tryphena RHYNDRESS on 15 Aug 1900 in North Middleboro, Cumberland County. He worked as a fisherman and a carpenter. In 1930, he was recorded on the United States census as living as a lodger in Niagra Falls, New York, and working in construction. Died 18 Feb 1951 in Port Howe, Cumberland County. Manson and Phena had seven children:
      • Harry Blanchard FANNING born Mar 1901. He worked as a marine cook. Married Louise Cecelia VIGNEAULT on 11 Oct 1939 in Pictou. Harry died 2 Feb 1961 in Pictou.
      • Percy Manson FANNING born 17 May 1903. Was a fisherman. Died 17 Jul 1968 in Halifax.
      • Eunice Elizabeth FANNING born 10 Jul 1905 in Wallace River, Cumberland County. Married Frank MILLARD, a carpenter, on 23 Jul 1924 in Pugwash.
      • Mary Bernice FANNING born 10 Aug 1908 in Wallace River, Cumberland County. Married Angus Ross SUTHERLAND, a fisherman, on 20 Jul 1932 in New Glasgow. Died 8 Jan 1956 in Pugwash.
      • Carleton Havelock FANNING born 22 Apr 1910 in Port Howe. Married Myra Rozelle BROWNELL on 8 Jul 1942 in Cumberland County. Died 1985 and buried in Rockley Cemetery, Cumberland County.
      • Juanita Belle FANNING born 24 Mar 1912 in Port Howe. Married Donald Cummings SMITH on 6 Sep 1939 in Pugwash.
      • Myrtle Geneva FANNING born 1919 in Port Howe. Married Aubrey Merton TUTTLE on 25 Oct 1939 in Pugwash.
    • Andrew Christopher FANNING born 23 Apr 1879. He was a fisherman. Married Cora SPONAGLE on 1 Aug 1917 in Boylston. Died 6 Apr 1946 in Seal Harbour. They had a son, Howard FANNING, born 1919.
    • Sadie FANNING born 1883. Married William M. DAVIDSON on 15 Jul 1902 in Country Harbour.
    • Norman FANNING born 1886.
    • Goodspeed Adam FANNING born 21 Apr 1891. He was a fisherman. Married Sadie JORDAN on 4 Oct 1930 in New Glasgow.  Died 9 Oct 1937 in Pictou. They had a son:
    • Blanchard Winfield FANNING born 1891. He was a fisherman. In December 1921, he was serving as crew on the ship Noble H along with Chipman CROOKS, sailing from Isaac’s Harbour to Gloucester, Massachusetts. He married Lillian HENSBY on 16 Oct 1913 in Pugwash, and they lived in Seal Harbour. Winfield died in 1978 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery, Seal Harbour. They had four children:
      • Douglas Borden FANNING born 16 Mar 1914 in Port Howe. He was a miner. Married Irene Elizabeth CROOKS (daughter of George Lloyd CROOKS and Lottie BURKE) on 14 Sep 1940 in Isaac’s Harbour.
      • Everett Scott FANNING born 31 Mar 1918 in Seal Harbour. He was a fisherman. Married Muriel Elsie CHILDS on 14 Dec 1940 in Seal Harbour. Died 2010 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery, Seal Harbour.
      • Thelma FANNING born 1920. Married Benjamin Guillam OXENHAM. Died 1986 in Pictou.
      • Lester Carl FANNING born 16 Sep 1922 in Seal Harbour. He served in the Navy in World War II and later worked in construction across the country. He married firstly Lois STEELE and secondly Rose DEWTIE and had issue. Lester died 10 Aug 2011 in New Glasgow.
      • Louisa Mae FANNING born 21 March 1926 in Seal Harbour and died 14 Apr 1921.
  • Samuel FANNING born about 1846. He was a fisherman. Married firstly Annie JONES on 17 Aug 1877 in Isaac’s Harbour. They had a daughter, Annie FANNING, born 1879. His wife died sometime before 1881, as Samuel is listed on the 1881 census as a widow. He married secondly Lucy M. BARSS on 29 Oct 1891 in Canso. Samuel died 10 Mar 1911 in Hazel Hills, Guysborough.
  • Thomas FANNING born 23 Aug 1847 in Seal Harbour. He was a fisherman. Married Janet POTTER on 14 Aug 1875 in Seal Harbour. Died 19 Jul 1916 in Fisherman’s Harbour.
  • Alexander FANNING born about 1851. In 1881, he was living with his widowed mother and younger siblings in Isaac’s Harbour.
  • Agnes FANNING born about 1853. Was living with widowed mother and siblings in 1881 in Isaac’s Harbour.
  • Jemina (Minnie) FANNING born about 1855. Died 14 Feb 1876 in Seal Harbour.
  • Elizabeth FANNING born about 1857. Alive in 1871.
  • Ellen (Elinor) FANNING born about 1859. Alive in 1881.
  • Solomon Amos FANNING born 14 Feb 1860. He was a fisherman. At some point he relocated to Prince Edward Island and married Margaret. The family lived in Queen’s East, Belford, and Grand Tracadie. Solomon owned a schooner, the Minnie Mack, which he built in 1884. Solomon died 21 May 1951 in Stanhope. He and Margaret had six children:
    • Lina Bertha FANNING born 20 May 1892. Married Charles William GIBBS, a fisherman. They had children:
      • Wilbert Amos GIBBS born 18 Feb 1911. Married Cora Helena COURT. Died 6 Aug 1967 in Grand Tracadie.
      • Margaret Evelyn GIBBS born about 1915. Married John Henry WATTS.
      • Charles GIBBS born about 1921. Died 14 Jan 1924 in Grand Tracadie.
    • Lavinia FANNING born 23 May 1895. Married William Ernest CLOW.
    • Leonard Vincent FANNING born 22 Oct 1897 in Tracadie.
    • Cecilia FANNING born about 1907. Married Charles Elroy CORKUM.
    • Clarence FANNING born about 1913.
    • Allan FANNING born 30 Mar 1917. Served as a private in the North Nova Scotia Highlanders during WWII and was killed 4 Sep 1944 in France. He is buried in Calais Canadian War Cemetery. Before the war, he was a fisherman and lived in Grand Tracadie with his wife Pearl.
  • Margaret Ann FANNING born about 1862. Living with family in 1881.
  • Melissa FANNING born about 1865. Married Henry I. CROOKS in 1885. Died before 1901. Had one son, Clarence CROOKS (1887-1912).
  • Henrietta FANNING born about 1867. Does not appear on 1881 census, so may have died young.

4. Sophia Adeline FANNING* (See James William CROOKS).

5. James William FANNING born 14 Oct 1823 in Lunenburg and baptized Oct 27 at the Dutch Reformed Church. Married Maria FLICK. James was a fisherman and a shoemaker. He died sometime after 1891 and before 1901, as he appears on the 1891 census but not in 1901. He and Maria had x children:

  • Edward Alexander FANNING born 18 Jan 1844. Married Lavinia LANGLEY on 29 Aug 1873. He was a seaman/fisherman. Died 2 Jul 1927 in Drum Head. He and Lavinia had nine children:
    • Manford Richard FANNING born 2 Sep 1874 in Isaac’s Harbour. He was a fisherman. He moved to British Columbia, where he worked as a mariner. Married Florence May WHITE on 19 Dec 1912 in Vancouver. Died 25 May 1960 in Vancouver. They had five children:
      • Clare FANNING born 1913 in Vancouver.
      • Manford James Edward FANNING born 1915 in Vancouver. He was a fireman. Married Julie. Died 3 Jul 1986.
      • Hazel FANNING born 1918 in Vancouver.
      • Leonard FANNING born 1919 in Vancouver.
      • Audrey FANNING born 1921 in Vancouver.
    • Edward Osborne FANNING born 8 Jan 1876 in Seal Harbour. He worked as a farmer and fish dealer. Married Ida Olivia STUART (or STEWART) on 8 Feb 1904 in Amherst. In 1916, he and his family were living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He died 22 Dec 1956 in Vancouver. Edward and Ida had eight children:
      • Vera Malline FANNING born 25 May 1905 in Pugwash.
      • Gerald Stuart FANNING born 21 Aug 1908 in Amherst.
      • Daisy FANNING born 1911.
      • Ronald Edward FANNING born 25 Jan 1911 in Amherst. Died 4 Sep 2003 in Vernon, British Columbia.
      • Mary FANNING born 1912 in Saskatchewan.
      • Gwendolyn FANNING born 1913 in Saskatchewan.
      • Eunice FANNING born 1914 in Saskatchewan.
      • Ida FANNING born 1917 in Saskatchewan.
    • William Alden FANNING born 1 May 1879 in Drum Head. He was a fisherman. Married Esther (Essie) Letitia SPONAGLE on 10 Feb 1904 in Coddles Harbour. Died 25 Oct 195 in Halifax. They had five children:
      • Ethel Marguerite FANNING born 25 Dec 1904 in Drum Head. Married Percy PINKHAM on 18 Oct 1924 in Isaac’s Harbour. Died 13 Jan 1926 in Drum Head.
      • Evelyn Kathleen FANNING born Jan 1906 in Drum Head. Married Robert WORTH on 29 Sep 1926 in Antigonish. Died 1980, buried in Hillside Cemetery, Seal Harbour.
      • Arnold W. FANNING born 1911. Served as a leading stoker in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve. Died 11 Jun 1982 and is buried in Seaside Cemetery, Seal Harbour.
      • Beryl Madeline FANNING born 30 Sep 1912 in Drum Head. Married Barney Lawrence LANGLEY , a fox rancher and fisherman, on 28 Jan 1933. Died 2010 in Chester.
      • Ford Wylie FANNING born 12 Dec 1912 in Drum Head. Died 1997 in New Glasgow.
    • Roy C. FANNING born 12 Oct 1885. Was a fisherman. Died 12 Oct 1941 in Antigonish.
    • Frederick Wilson FANNING born Dec 1887. Was a fisherman. Married Pearl Lavinia HIRTLE on 5 Aug 1920 in Seal Harbour. Died 1 Feb 1971 in New Glasgow.
    • Leonard R. FANNING born 1889. Was a fisherman. Married Theresa MANTHORNE on 23 Aug 1916 in Seal Harbour. Died 1975 in Seal Harbour. They had children:
      • Laurie Wilson FANNING born 26 Dec 1917 in Drum Head. Served in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve during WW2 aboard the HMCS Hamilton. Married Joan Frances LANGLEY on 10 Feb 1942 in Halifax.
      • Huntley Allison FANNING born 28 Oct 1921 in Drum Head. In 1938, he served in the Non-Permanent Active Militia with the Pictou Highlanders. He then served as an electrician with the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve during WW2 aboard the HMCS Esquimalt. Died 16 Apr 1945. His final resting place is unknown, but his name is listed on the Halifax Memorial (Panel 13).
    • Elizabeth FANNING born 1891. May have died young, as she does not appear on the 1901 census.
    • Minnie FANNING born 19 Aug 1893 in Drum Head. Died 9 Jun 1913 in Drum Head.
    • Lorne Clifford FANNING born 3 Dec 1899 in Drum Head. He was a fisherman. Married Clare O’HARA on 24 Feb 1923 in Seal Harbour. Died 5 Jul 1957 in Drum Head.
  • Elizabeth Jane FANNING born 31 Mar 1845. Married John GILLEN, a farmer, on 19 Feb 1871. They lived in Sherbrooke and later in Sonora Village. Elizabeth died 8 Feb 1927 in Sonora. She and John had nine children:
    • William Hugh GILLEN born 15 Jan 1872 in Wine Harbour. He married Jessie Paterson TAYLOR on 14 Jul 1908 in Victoria, British Columbia. William was a master mariner. In 1918, he served as the first mate aboard the Laurel Whalen, sailing from New Zealand to San Francisco. In 1921, he served as the master of the Kiltuish, sailing from Kildowan to Seattle. William died 3 Jun 1930 in Vancouver. He and Jessie had issue:
      • Iver Jessley GILLEN born 1909 in Victoria. In 1934, he was the “baggage master” aboard the Empress of Russia, sailing from Vancouver to Honolulu. Married Ann. Died 26 Oct 1981 in Ganges, BC.
      • Rupert Otis GILLEN born 1911 in Victoria. In 1942, he was serving as a mate aboard the Hektoria, sailing from Glasgow to New York.
      • Denver Laredo GILLEN born 8 Jul 1914 in Vancouver. He worked as a commercial artist and became an American citizen in 1942. Married Eugenia Louise SLOANE in 1955 in Manatee, Florida. Died 14 Oct 1974 in Taxco, Guerrero, México.
    • John Angus GILLEN born 30 Mar 1874 in Wine Harbour. He was a fisherman. Married Margaret Augusta (Gussie) SCANLON on 7 Sep 1903 in Lochabar. Died 28 Feb 1953 in Halifax. They had issue:
      • Joseph Huntley GILLEN born 31 May 1904. He was a fisherman and also served as chief engineer aboard the St Clair, sailing from Chemainus, BC, to Anacortes, Washington, in 1930. Died 7 Jul 1959 in Vancouver.
      • John Havelock GILLEN born 15 Nov 1905 in Wine Harbour. Died 30 Jun 1942 in Halifax.
      • Margaret GILLEN born 1908.
      • Leo Scanlon GILLEN born 31 May 1914 in Wine Harbour. He was a truck driver. Married Irene Evelyn PURDY on 4 Jan 1941 in Lochaber.
    • James Ronald GILLEN born 29 Jan 1876 in Wine Harbour. He worked as a cook. Married Jennet CHISHOLM on 24 Nov 1910 in Pictou. Died 30 May 1944 in Halifax.
    • Havelock GILLEN born 1878 in Wine Harbour. Died 27 May 1901 in Rossland, British Columbia.
    • Edward Conroy GILLEN born 12 Dec 1880 in Wine Harbour. He was a miner and a farmer. Married Bella MCQUARRIE on 7 Jan 1915 in Halifax. Died 2 Sep 1952 in Sheet Harbour. They had issue:
      • Douglas Moore GILLEN born 8 May 1914 in Wine Harbour. Died 9 May 1963 in Halifax.
      • Mildred Alice GILLEN born 9 Feb 1917 in Wine Harbour.
      • Gerald MacGregor GILLEN born 9 Dec 1918 in Wine Harbour.
    • Nora Blanche GILLEN born 8 Jan 1882 in Wine Harbour. Married John Patrick MURPHY, a seaman, on 14 Nov 1905 in Wine Harbour. Died 12 Feb 1961 in Halifax.
    • Mary McGowan GILLEN born 25 Dec 1889 in Wine Harbour.
    • Andrew Chipman GILLEN born 5 Jun 1889. He was a mariner and a fisherman. Married Edith MACAULEY on 1 Jun 1918 in Vancouver. Died 23 Jun 1921 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
  • Isaac Henry FANNING born 16 Jan 1849. He was a fisherman in Isaac’s Harbour. Married Emma Elizabeth MACMILLAN sometime around 1881. Died 7 Oct 1937 in Isaac’s Harbour. They had issue:
    • Percival Lamont FANNING born 1882.
    • Lord Handley FANNING born 5 May 1884 in Isaac’s Harbour. He was a mariner and a miner. Married Ardellice LATHAM on 19 Nov 1907 in Isaac’s Harbour. They later moved to Stellarton, where he died 10 Oct 1950. They had issue:
      • Helen Grace FANNING born 14 May 1910. Married Robert Henry SCOTT on 25 Oct 1927 in Pictou. Died 17 May 1928 in Stellarton.
      • Lillian Mae FANNING born 9 Mar 1912 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married Levi CONWAY on 31 Ma7 1930 in Stellarton. Died 1997 in New Glasgow.
      • Florence Jane FANNING born 28 Aug 1915 in Stellarton. Married John Gordon BOATES on 25 Feb 1940. Died 2 Jul 2004 in New Glasgow.
      • Annie Viola FANNING born 7 Feb 1917 in Trenton. Married Chesley Clarence WARREN on 15 Aug 1942 in Pictou. Died 1992 in Pictou.
      • John FANNING born 1919. Married Hazel SMITH. Died 1973 in Stellarton.
    • Zillah May FANNING born 31 Jan 1886 in Drum Head. In 1910, she was living in Boston and working as a waitress. She appears on the census living as a lodger along with her sister Emma.
    • Bessie Irene FANNING born 10 May 1888 in Drum Head. Married Norman MCMILLAN on 13 May 1905 in Country Harbour. Died 10 Nov 1966 in Isaac’s Harbour. They had issue:
      • Lillian MCMILLAN born 1906. Married Lindsay Seymour LANGILLE on 18 Mar 1932 in Isaac’s Harbour.
      • Inez Kathleen MCMILLAN born 28 Aug 1907 in Isaac’s Harbour.
      • Mckay MCMILLAN born 1912.
    • Emma Marie FANNING born 10 May 1888 in Drum Head. In 1910, she was living in Boston and working as a waitress. She appears on the census living as a lodger along with her sister Zillah. Married Arthur Sedgewick GIFFIN, a merchant, on 31 Aug 1910 in Halifax. Died 6 Jul 1959 in Antigonish. They had issue:
      • Arthur Dean GIFFIN born 1912. He worked as a chauffeur. Married Vida Adeline BURKE on 7 Apr 1930 in Antigonish.
    • Isaac Norwyn FANNING born 16 Mar 1891. He was a fisherman and farmer. Married Cassie Blanche SINCLAIR on 21 Jul 1921 in Antigonish. Died 5 Feb 1933 in Isaac’s Harbour.
    • George Wesley FANNING born 11 Aug 1896 in Isaac’s Harbour. He was a longshoreman. Died 27 May 1948 in Halifax.

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  1. Noticed that my fathers name is missing from the children of Andrew and Rosella(Ling) Livingston. Here is his information….
    Lawrence Paul Livingston born 29 June 1913 in Passchendale, NS and baptized at St. Anthony’s church in Passchendale. He was a miner. On 15 August 1943 Lawrence married Mafalda Margarita LEGNARO the daughter of Italian immigrant Vittorio LEGNARO who came to Canada in 1912. Lawrence died on 4 November 1986


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