James William Crooks (1825-1856) and Sophia Adeline Fanning (1821-)

(*James William Crooks – William Charles Crooks – Norman Chipman Crooks – Ada Constance Crooks)

James William CROOKS was born 26 Dec 1825 in Lunenburg, the son of William CROOKS and Margaret Ann ACKER. He was baptized on 3 Mar 1826 at the Dutch Reformed Church.  At some point circa 1842 (based on the DoB of their first child), James married Sophia Adeline FANNING, the daughter of Edward FANNING. Sophia was born 16 Aug 1821 and baptized 3 Mar 1822 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Lunenburg.

James died early circa 1856, when he was around 31 years old, leaving Sophia a widow with seven young children. In 1871, Sophia and some of her younger children were living in Isaac’s Harbour in the household of her oldest son James. In 1881, Sophia was living with her son John and her daughter Lydia, still in Isaac’s Harbour. And in 1891, Sophia was still living with John, now married with children, and her spinster daughter Lydia. Sophia likely died sometime before 1901, as she does not appear on the census for that year.

James and Sophia had seven children:

  1. James William CROOKS (1843 – bef. 1908) m. Elizabth BURKE
  2. Johanna CROOKS (1846-1915) m. (1) Henry WARRINGTON (2) Judson LUDDINGTON
  3. Sarah Jane CROOKS (1849-1931) m. (1) Duncan LATHAM (2) William Berton SILVER
  4. William Charles (Bill) CROOKS* (1849-1907) m. Ada Jane HULL
  5. Lydia CROOKS (1853-1929)
  6. John Herman CROOKS (1853-1920) m. Elizabeth Odessa LANGLEY
  7. Henry I. CROOKS (1857-1933) m. (1) Melissa FANNING (2) Effie BEESWANGER

1. James William CROOKS born about 1843. He married Elizabeth BURKE on 14 Apr 1868 in Seal Harbour. They lived in Isaac’s Harbour, and James worked as a fisherman. Elizabeth died sometime before 1891, where James is listed as a widower on the census. In 1897, James remarried to Mary Gertrude HORTON, who was some 30 years his junior. James died sometime before 1908, as Gertrude remarried to Alexander HENDERSON, a carpenter, in September of that year and had issue.

James and Elizabeth had seven children:

  • Stephen Edward CROOKS born 1865 in Seal Harbour. He was a fisherman and married Margery HENDERSON in 1885 in Guysborough County. Stephen died 27 Jun 1944 in Coddles Harbour. He and Margery had the following children (based off 1901 and 1911 census records):
    • Florence CROOKS (b. 1889)
    • Andrew CROOKS (b. 1891)
    • Willard CROOKS (b. 1894)
    • Vincent CROOKS (b. 1896)
    • Eliza Adeline CROOKS (b. 1898)
    • Clare CROOKS (b. 1902)
    • Mildred CROOKS (b. 1909)
  • James Herbert CROOKS born 17 Sep 1869 in Seal Harbour. Was living with his family in Isaac’s Harbour in 1881.
  • Sarah CROOKS born 1873. Appears on the 1881 census with the family.
  • John Napoleon CROOKS born 18 Oct 1875 in Seal Harbour.
  • Adeline CROOKS born 1878 in Nova Scotia.
  • Henry CROOKS born 1881 in Nova Scotia.
  • Odessa Jane CROOKS born 6 Oct 1885 in Nova Scotia. Married George Lewis GREENCORN in 1904 in Guysborough. Died of tuberculosis on 30 Sep 1909. The couple had issue:
    • Twins Effie Gertrude GREENCORN and Maggie Mildred GREENCORN born 29 Jul 1909 in Seal Harbour. Effie died two months later on 29 Sep 1909 of stomach trouble. Maggie died on 19 Oct of the same year of cholera.
  • Margaret CROOKS born 1889 in Nova Scotia. Sometime between 1891 and 1901, she was adopted by Thomas and Charlotte Burke (possibly relations of her mother). She married Wellington GAMMON on 27 Jul 1907 in Goldboro. Wellington died of tuberculosis in 1912, and on his death certificate he is listed as widowed, so Margaret must have died sometime before 1912. They had a daughter, Florence GAMMON, born 1908 and died 27 Jan 1916 of diptheria.

James and Gertrude had two children:

  • Lovie Rebecca CROOKS born 5 May 1898 in Seal Harbour. She married Alden Clarence PINKHAM in 1920 in Amherst.
  • Hallie Evelyn CROOKS born 23 Aug 1904 in Seal Harbour. She married Uriah MASON in 1924 in Antigonish.

2. Johanna CROOKS born 1846 in Seal Harbour. She married Henry WARRINGTON, a fisherman, in 1867 in Gusyborough. They had eight children. Henry died sometime around 1890, and Johanna remarried in 1892 to Judson LUDDINGTON, a widower and a fisherman. They had one son, George P. LUDDINGTON born 1898. Johanna died in 1915 in Guysborough.

Johanna and Henry had eight children:

  • Mary S. WARRINGTON born 1868. She married David J. MILLS, a tinsmith, in 1887. Mary died 13 Feb 1933 in Sonora, Guysborough. She and David had three children:
    • Austin Seymour MILLS born 12 Jun 1888. In 1911, he was living with his parents and making a living as a mariner. He married Bernice AURENBURG in Halifax in 1914 and had issue. In 1921, the couple and their children were living in Sonora, and his occupation is listed as a steward. Austin died 21 Mar 1958 in Halifax.
    • Lillian B. MILLS born 1889. Married Colin PRIDE in 1908 in Guysborough and had issue.
    • Vida Beatrice MILLS born 30 May 1909. She worked as a clerk and married Edmund Philip GARIEPY on 27 Oct 1941 at St. Matthew’s Manse in Halifax. Edmund was serving with the Royal Canadian Artillery in their medical corps.
  • Charles William WARRINGTON born 11 Oct 1869 in New Harbour. He was a fisherman. Married Laura and had issue. He died 16 Mar 1951 in New Glasgow.
  • Temperance WARRINGTON born 1873.
  • Mary Jane WARRINGTON born 18 April 1876 in New Harbour. Married James Albert LUDDINGTON in Halifax in 1897. Mary Jane died in 1966 and is buried in New Harbour. The couple had the following children:
    • Ada Temperance LUDDINGTON born 8 Jul 1900 in St. Mary’s River, Guysborough. She married Joseph Oliver LUDDINGTON, a fisherman, on 27 Jul 1930 at the Baptist parsonage in Canso. Ada died in 1980 in New Harbour.
    • Spurgeon C. LUDDINGTON born 1902, died 1905.
    • Minnie Victoria LUDDINGTON born 18 Aug 1904 in St. Mary’s River, Guysborough. Married Simon P. LUDDINGTON on 6 Mar 1926 in Guysborough. Died in 1972 and is buried in New Harbour.
    • Sarah Cordelia LUDDINGTON born 13 Aug 1910 in New Harbour. Married Victor Ross SANGSTER, a fisherman, on 13 Aug 1931 in New Harbour.
    • Lola LUDDINGTON born abt 1920.
  • Lydia Mae WARRINGTON born 1880 in Guysborough. Married William CLYBURNE, a fisherman, on 6 Apr 1898 in Isaac’s Harbour. Died 28 Feb 1928 in Isaac’s Harbour. They had the following children:
    • Freeman Henry CLYBURNE born 7 Aug 1898 in Isaac’s Harbour. He was a farmer and a labourer. He married Myrtle CLYBURNE on 24 Jun 1920 in Antigonish. Freeman died 30 Dec 1955 in Isaac’s Harbour.
    • Tressia CLYBURNE born Oct 1899. She married Kenneth Neil MCDONALD, a blacksmith, on 28 Dec 1917 in New Glasgow and had issue. Tressia died in 1968 and is buried at East River St. Mary’s, Pictou County.
    • Elijah Gordon CLYBURNE born Nov 1901. He worked as a “common labourer.” On 11 December 1929, he married Ena P. COOK at George Manthorne’s in Seal Harbour. Elijah died in 1976 and is buried in Stormont Cemetery in Guysborough.
    • Emily Matilda CLYBURNE born May 1904. She married Daniel Alexander WOOD, a farmer, on 13 Sep 1926 in East River St. Mary’s, Pictou. At the time of her marriage, she was working as a housemaid. Emily died in 1985 and is buried in the Garden of Eden Cemetery, Pictou.
    • Archibald Morris CLYBURNE born 17 Jul 1905 in Isaac’s Harbour. He worked as a labourer. On 12 Aug 1936, he married Gertie SPONAGLE in Argyle. Archie died 21 Feb 1941.
    • Effie Ivilla CLYBURNE born 2 Feb 1908 in Isaac’s Harbour. She married Frank Leslie Job MACDONALD, a farmer, on 12 Jun 1929 in Antigonish. Effie died in 1983 and is buried in Rocky Mountain Cemetery in Pictou.
    • Ida Cordelia CLYBURNE born May 1910 in Isaac’s Harbour. She married Garfield Alexander HODGSON on 15 Aug 1928 in Antigonish.
    • Love Odessa CLYBURN born 1912. She married Alexander Daniel MACDONALD on 5 Apr 1934 at the First Presbyterian Church in New Glasgow. She died in 1997.
    • Harold Alexander CLYBURNE born 8 Apr 1919 in Isaac’s Harbour. Worked as a labourer and never married.  Died 2 Oct 1967 in New Glasgow.
  • John Henry WARRINGTON born 20 Mar 1882 in Guysborough.  He was a steel worker. He married Jennie HORTON on 14 Nov 1906 in Isaac’s Harbour. Died 12 Mar 1967 in Lourdes, Pictou County. They had the following children:
    • Dora Pearl WARRINGTON born 7 Apr 1907 in Whitehead, Guysborough. Married George TURNER, a miner, on 10 Apr 1928 in New Glasgow. Dora died in 2006.
    • Ethel Mary WARRINGTON born c. 1909 in Guysborough. Married Simon Ray HINES, an engineer, on 16 Nov 1931 in Halifax.
    • Zelma Freda WARRINGTON born 17 Jul 1909 in New Harbour. She worked as a domestic servant. In 1929, she sailed to Boston on the S.S. Farnorth.
    • Gertie WARRINGTON born 1911.
    • Ethel Marjorie WARRINGTON born 24 May 1913 in New Harbour. Married Thomas Aubrey CURRIE on 31 Oct 1940 in Halifax. Thomas was serving in the Halifax Rifles at the time of their marriage.
    • Erna Gwendolyn WARRINGTON born 18 Sep 1915 in New Harbour. Died 25 Nov 1915 in New Harbour.
    • Elsie Avis WARRINGTON born 15 Aug 1917 in New Harbour. She worked as a domestic. Married William Bernard SMITH on 12 Oct 1936 in New Glasgow.
  • Teressa Ann WARRINGTON born May 1885 in Seal Harbour. Married William S. CLYBURN, a miner, on 4 Feb 1904 in Goldboro. They had the following children:
    • Edna May CLYBURN born 31 Jul 1906 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married Harold Henry SCOTT on 16 Jul 1934 in New Harbour.
    • Minnie Octavia CLYBURN born 24 Jul 1909 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married firstly Archibald AUCOIN on 24 Sep 1929 in New Glasgow. Married secondly John Anthony Fraser BURNS. Died 1986 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
    • Elsie Adeline CLYBURN born 4 Aug 1912 in Isaac’s Harbour. Married Leslie Thornton SANGSTER on 29 Nov 1930 in Goldboro. Died 1994 in Dartmouth.
  • Matilda Emma (Emily) WARRINGTON born 1888 in Seal Harbour. Married Daniel Robert MCDONALD on 5 Nov 1914 in New Glasgow. Died 1977 in Westville, Pictou County. They had the following children:
    • Kenneth MCDONALD born 1915 in New Glasgow.
    • Harry Alexander MCDONALD born 21 Jun 1917 in New Glasgow. He worked as a press operator for the Eastern Car Company Ltd in Trenton before enlisting in the Royal Canadian Air Force in November 1940. He was a flight sergeant with 419 Squadron and was killed on 17 Jun 1942 in Holland. He is buried in Bergen op Zoom, Noord-Brabant.
    • Raymond Keith MCDONALD born 31 Mar 1919 in New Glasgow. He was a bookkeeper and moved to the United States in 1947. Raymond died in Boston in 1958 and was buried in Westville, Pictou County.

3. Sarah Jane CROOKS born 23 Jan 1849 in Seal Harbour. She married Duncan LATHAM, a fisherman, and they lived in Isaac’s Harbour. Sarah and Duncan had eight children. After Duncan died in 1897, Sarah married secondly William Berton SILVER. Sarah died on 11 Jun 1931 in Goldboro.

Children of Sarah and Duncan:

  • Margaret Jane LATHAM born 1867 in Seal Harbour. She married John J. LANGLEY, a widowed fisherman, in 1888 in Guysborough. They had a son, Howard Preston LANGLEY (1890-1953). Margaret died sometime between 1891 (census record) and 1897, when John remarried to Eva LUDDINGTON.
  • John LATHAM born 1868 in Isaac’s Harbour.
  • Pamella LATHAM born 1 Dec 1869 in Seal Harbour. Married James HENDERSON and had issue:
    • Amy HENDERSON (b. 1894)
    • Hilda HENDERSON (b. 1895)
    • John HENDERSON (b. 1897)
    • Annie HENDERSON (b. 1899)
    • William HENDERSON (b. 1901)
    • James HENDERSON (b. 1902)
  • Howard LATHAM born 1871 in Seal Harbour.
  • Clarisse LATHAM born 1873 in Seal Harbour.
  • Mary Elizabeth LATHAM born 1875 in Seal Harbour. Married Charles Bruce SCOTT on 3 Dec 1920 in Halifax.
  • Letitita LATHAM born 1878 in Isaac’s Harbour.
  • Lydia LATHAM born 11 Apr 1879 in Seal Harbour. Married Alfred RICHARDSON, a miner from Goldboro, on 20 Dec 1898 in Country Harbour, Guysborough. Died 15 Mar 1961 in Pictou. They had six children:
    • Lillian Pearl RICHARDSON born 27 Jul 1899. Married James William CONWAY, a miner, on 10 Apr 1923 in Stellarton. Died in 1978 and is buried in New Glasgow.
    • Clifford Swasey RICHARDSON born 2 May 1901 in Goldboro. Married Viola MACKEAN.
    • Sadie C. RICHARDSON born May 1902. Died 25 Jan 1925 of tuberculosis at age 12.
    • Margaret Elva RICHARDSON born 3 Jun 1912 in Stellarton. Married Gerald Basil CURRAN, a clerk, on 26 Feb 1937 in Halifax.
    • Neil Steadman RICHARDSON born 18 Feb 1917 in Stellarton. Married Grace Edith HARPER on 8 Jun 1939 in Stellarton.

4. William Charles CROOKS* was born 1849 in Nova Scotia (likely the Guysborough area) to James William CROOKS and Sophia Adeline FANNING. William’s father died in 1856, and on the 1871 census William was living in Isaac’s Harbour in the household of his eldest brother James and his family, along with his widowed mother.  His occupation is listed as a fisherman.

Sometime around 1878 (based on the DoB of their first child), William married Ada Jane HULL, daughter of Samuel HULL and Margaret Ann SANGSTER. Ada was born 31 Mar 1861 in New Harbour, Guysborough. They lived in Isaac’s Harbour until William’s death on 29 Apr 1907.

After William’s death in 1907, Ada remarried to William MCDONALD, a widower and fisherman also from Coddles Harbour. They were married 6 Nov 1909 in Coddles Harbour. Ada died 25 Apr 1939 in Fisherman’s Harbour.

William and Ada had nine children:

  • Charles Robert CROOKS born 21 Jun 1879 in Seal Harbour. He was a fisherman. On 8 Dec 1915, he married Minnie JONES in Guysborough. In 1921, they were living together in Coddles Harbour with Charles’ brother Havelock and his wife. Charles died in 1956 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Aspen, Guysborough.
  • John Henry CROOKS born 1 Dec 1880 in New Harbour. He was a fisherman. He married Lorinda Blanch CONRAD on 9 May 1903 in Guysborough. John died 26 Oct 1957 in Antigonish.
  • Richard CROOKS born June 1884 in Coddles Harbour. He was a fisherman. On 27 Jan 1915, he married Sarah (Sadie) MCLEAN in Big Lorraine, Cape Breton. They had two children: Avis A. CROOKS (born 1917) and Ada B. CROOKS (born 1919).
  • Havelock James CROOKS born 17 Jun 1888 in Coddles Harbour. He was a fisherman and the twin brother of Norman Chipman CROOKS. James married Martha Jane (Jennie) HULL on 27 Jun 1917 in New Harbour. In 1921 they were living with his brother Charles and his wife in Coddles Harbour. James died in 1966 in New Harbour.
  • Norman Chipman CROOKS* was born on 17 June 1888 in Coddles Harbour, Guysborough County, twin brother to Havelock James CROOKS. His parents were William Charles “Bill” CROOKS and Ada Jane HULL. According to this online Gazetteer of Guysborough County, Coddles Harbour is located between Country Harbour and New Harbour Cove, and the main industry is fishing. There are some lovely photographs of the community on the Get Out in Guysborough County blog.

    Chipman grew up with his family in Isaac’s Harbour (photos here), Guysborough County (1891 and 1901 census records). His father died in 1907 and his mother remarried in 1909, so 1911 found Chipman living in a household with four of his brothers (Robert, Richard, Havelock and Arthur). They were all fishermen.

    On 3 Jan 1914 in Tor Bay, Chipman married Mary Levinia WEBBER, daughter of James WEBBER and Martha LUDDINGTON.

    On the 1921 Census, Chipman and Levinia are recorded as living in the Goldboro Polling District with their young children Kitchener, Velma, and Ada. His occupation is listed as farmer.

    Chipman died on 20 May 1930 in Golboro. On his death certificate, his occupations are listed as mariner and “operating gas engine.” He is buried with his wife in Bayview Cemetery, Goldboro. Levinia outlived her husband by almost 60 years – she died in Sherbrooke in 1989. According to her obituary, she belonged to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Women’s Institute of Nova Scotia, and the Helping Hands Senior Citizen’s Club of Isaac’s Harbour.

    Chipman and Levinia had nine children:
    • Viola CROOKS born 1914 in Coddles Harbour. Died 28 Feb 1919 at the age of five.
    • Kitchener Russell CROOKS born 1915 in Tor Bay. Married Anna Bell SMITH and had issue. Died 10 Jan 1987 in Goldboro.
    • Velma Pearl CROOKS born 1918. Married Stanley BAKER and had issue.
    • Ada Constance CROOKS* born 17 Oct 1920 in Goldboro. Married James Hubert SIMS on 24 Jul 1937 in Drum Head and had issue. Died 30 Apr 2006 in Woodstock, Ontario.
    • Courtenay Donald CROOKS born 1922 in Goldboro. Married Betty LOUGHLIN and had issue. Died 1985 in Goldboro.
    • Cecil Gilbert CROOKS born 1925 in Nova Scotia. Married Elizabeth and had issue. Died 28 Jul 2002 in Nanaimo, British Columbia.
    • Gerald CROOKS born 1927 in Goldboro.
    • Elliott CROOKS
    • James CROOKS

  • David Arthur CROOKS born 10 Sep 1889 in Coddles Harbour. In 1911 he was living with several of his brothers and working as a fisherman. Arthur was drafted into service in the First World War under the Military Service Act of 1917 and signed his attestation papers in Halifax on 20 Mar 1918. His papers describe him as having a dark complexion, grey eyes, and brown hair. Arthur died on 7 May 1978.
  • Minnie Alice CROOKS born 16 Apr 1893 in Coddles Harbour. She married Emery STROPLE, a fisherman, on 11 Dec 1912 in Seal Harbour. Minnie died 27 Feb 1989 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery, New Harbour. She and her husband had four children:
    • Ralph Owen STROPLE born 18 Mar 1911. He was a fisherman. He married Doris MANTHORNE on 22 Jun 1937 in New Harbour. Ralph died in 2003.
    • Avis Mary STROPLE born 12 Nov 1916 in Drum Head. She married Stanley LANGLEY, a fisherman, on 10 Jan 1939 in Drum Head. Her second husband was Laurie WALSH. Avis died 23 Apr 2004.
    • Irving STROPLE
    • Lawrence STROPLE
  • William Osborne CROOKS born about 1896 in Coddles Harbour. He was a fisherman. William married Gladys Winnie MYERS on 5 Mar 1917 in Isaac’s Harbour. In 1921, they were living in Fisherman’s Harbour, Port Bickerton. William died in 1971. William and Gladys had issue:
    • Verna Lillian CROOKS born about 1917 in Fisherman’s Harbour. She married Allister MACFARLANE, a fisherman, on 22 Jan 1936 in New Harbour.
    • Avis Evelyn CROOKS born about 1921 in Fisherman’s Harbour. She married Wallace Doane KAISER, a fisherman, on 18 Oct 1941.
  • Avis Christina CROOKS born about 1898 in Coddles Harbour. She married Stephen Henry PILLINGER, and oil refiner, on 20 Aug 1921 in Halifax.

5. Lydia CROOKS born 1853 in Seal Harbour. She never married, living in the household of her brother John and working as a domestic. Lydia died 5 Jan 1929 in Seal Harbour.

6. John Herman CROOKS born 16 Oct 1853 in Seal Harbour. He was a fisherman in Isaac’s Harbour. His first marriage was to Lydia E. HADLEY, and they were married in Guysborough in 1877. Lydia died sometime before 1881, as John as listed as a widower on the census for that year. They do not appear to have had any children. On 28 Oct 1882, John married secondly Elizabeth Odessa “Bessie” LANGLEY in Guysborough, and they had nine children. John died on 31 Mar 1920 in Seal Harbour. Children of John and Bessie:

  • Bertha Maria CROOKS born 6 Aug 1883 in Isaac’s Harbour. In 1901, she was living with her parents, but in 1902 she immigrated to the United States. Bertha married John J. STRADLEY in Boston on 20 Oct 1909. John worked for the New York Central Railroad as a brakeman and later a conductor. In 1910, they were living with John’s parents in McHenry, Pennsylvania, but by 1920 they were established in Corning, Steuben County, New York. Bertha died 20 May 1965 in Corning. 
  • Herbert Bayfield CROOKS born 27 Apr 1885 in Isaac’s Harbour. He was a fisherman. On 31 Aug 1918, he married Phoebe LUDDINGTON in New Harbour. Herbert died 14 Jul 1940 in Seal Harbour and is buried in Hillside Cemetery. 
  • George Lloyd CROOKS born 19 Sep 1888 in Seal Harbour. He married Lottie BURKE on 4 Apr 1914 in New Glasgow. In 1915, he was working as a steel worker in New Glasgow and as a coal trimmer in 1921. According to the obituary of his son Donald, George was a lighthouse keeper on Country Island from about 1934-1945. George died in 1965 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Seal Harbour.  Lottie and George had five children:
    • Willis Earle CROOKS born 16 Feb 1915 in New Glasgow. He died 3 Dec 1960 in Antigonish and is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Seal Harbour.
    • Irene Elizabeth CROOKS born 14 Aug 1917 in New Glasgow. Married Douglas Barton FANNING, a miner, on 14 Sep 1940 in Isaac’s Harbour. Died 1981 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Seal Harbour. 
    • Ardath Maxine CROOKS born 1923 in New Glasgow. Married Vernon Bruce ZWICKER, a veteran of WWII and a lighthouse keeper (11 years at Country Island and 17 years at Eddy Point Lighthouse). They retired to Drum Head in 1981. Ardath died 15 Jul 1994 in Antigonish, and  Vernon died 28 Jan 2018 in Evanston. 
    • James Lloyd CROOKS born 6 Jun 1932 and died 26 Aug 1933 in Drum Head.
    • Donald CROOKS born 1934 in Seal Harbour. Married Carolyn HUNTINGTON and had issue. Worked as a lighthouse keeper at Country Island, Port Bickerton, and Liscomb Light Houses and later as a marine engineer. Died 7 Nov 1916 in Drum Head. 
  • Oswald Raymond CROOKS born 1 Aug 1894 in Seal Harbour. In 1911, he was living with his parents and working in a lobster factory. He married Annie MANTHORNE on 23 May 1920 in New Glasgow. They immigrated to the United States in 1923 and lived in Detroit, where Oswald worked as a welder in an auto factory. In 1931, Oswald was managing a grocery store on Sherwood Ave. when it was robbed by bandits. Oswald died 20 Jul 1988. They had a daughter, Muriel Joy CROOKS (1928-1999).
  • Lewis Elwood CROOKS born 16 Dec 1896 in Seal Harbour. In 1921, he was living with his parents and working as a labourer. At some point he moved to Timmins, Ontario. In June 1948, he went on a trip to Corning, NY to visit his sister Bertha. While there, he was offered a job as the maintenance superintendent of Corning Emergency Housing Project at a salary of $50/week. He later worked in sales and for the Corning School District. He married Leah WARTERS. Lewis died 5 Dec 1974 in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. 
  • Juanita (Nita) Viola CROOKS born 4 Aug 1899 in Seal Harbour. Married Coleman LATHAM, a fisherman, on 21 Jul 1923 at the Seal Harbour Baptist Church. They had issue. At some point the couple moved to Timmins, Ontario, where Coleman died in 1947. Nita died in 2001 in Timmins.  
  • Clarice Edna CROOKS born 5 Jul 1902 in Seal Harbour. In 1924, she came to the United States to study nursing and married George DOWNING, a railway mail clerk, on 8 Aug 1927 in Brooklyn, New York. They had issue. Clarice was the head nurse for twelve years at Haddon Hall Sanitarium in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. She died 15 Jul 1963 in Hi-Nella, New Jersey. 
  • Graham Atwood CROOKS born 6 Jun 1903 in Seal Harbour. He married Martha KLIEWER. By 1937, he was living in San Francisco and working as an engineer. In 1938, he was working as a salesman for the Hoover Company. Graham died 9 Jul 1942 in Ventura, California.

7. Henry I. CROOKS born 1 Jun 1857 in Seal Harbour. He was a fisherman. He married Melissa FANNING on 28 Nov 1885 in Seal Harbour. They had one son, Clarence CROOKS, born 1887 and died 1912 of tuberculosis. Melissa died sometime between 1891 and 1911, when Henry remarried to his housekeeper, Effie BEESWANGER. They were married 18 Sep 1911 in Boston. The couple had a daughter, Effie Eleanor (Nellie) CROOKS, born 1912 and died 1934 of tuberculosis. Henry was a fisherman and later worked at a lobster factory. He died 2 Sep 1933 in Seal Harbour. 

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