Philip Hayes & Bridget Brennan / Patrick Sullivan & Anastasia Hayes

(*Philip Hayes – Anastasia Hayes – Catherine Sullivan – Jeremiah Walden McGillivray)

Philip HAYES* was born c. 1790 in the Parish of Kilmalock, County Wexford (formerly part of the Roman Catholic parish of Crossabeg). According to Samuel Lewis’ 1849 A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, Kilmalock (or Kilmalog) was a parish “in the union of Enniscorthy, barony of Ballaghkeen, county of Wexford, province of Leinster…In the Roman Catholic divisions, the parish forms part of the liberty of Crossabeg.” (p. 173)

There was a Philip Hays baptised 2 Aug 1786 in the Diocese of Ferns (another name for Crossabeg), the son of Patrick HAYES and Catherine SINNOT, which could be a match (from the Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms via the National Library of Ireland). Patrick and Catherine were married 13 Feb 1779 in the Diocese of Ferns. And there is a Philip Hayes listed in Erin’s Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada, 1761-1853 as arriving in Newfoundland in 1813, which could also be a match.

Philip married Bridget BRENNAN* on 9 Dec 1813 at the Roman Catholic Basillica in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The witnesses were Daniel Mahany and Mary McDonald. Wileen Keough, in her work The Slender Thread: Irish Women on the Southern Avalon, 1750-1860, briefly references the couple:

“Philip Hays from Kilmaback, Wexford, married Bridget Brennan, first-generation Irish Newfoundland daughter of James and Anstice Brennan of Cape Broyle, in 1813; the couple remained in Bridget’s home community.” (p. 20)

As Keough mentions, Bridget was the daughter of James BRENNAN*, who appears on the 1800 Census of Cap Broyle with Anstice* and three children: John (born c. 1789), Bridget (born c. 1793) and Catherine (born c. 1796). There is a James Brennan who appears on the “List of names of all Masters, Servants, and Dieters residing in the District of Ferryland for the Winter of 1799 & Spring 1800” as a “dieter” in the service of Richard DOWER. According to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English, a dieter is “a) one who receives winter board and accommodation against the promise of cash or service in the next fishing season; b) one engaged in, in return for board, in the preparatory work of the fishing season.” (p. 140)

With regards to Bridget’s siblings, Catherine appears as a sponsor on her niece Anastasia Hayes’ baptismal record, and there is a Catherine Brennan who appears as a witness to the marriage of Mary Brennan (from Cape Broyle) and Patrick Graety on 17 May 1820 – could be a relation. [NOTE: The name “Brennan” sometimes appears in the record as “Brinnion”]

Bridget and Philip had two children (that I could find evidence of), both born in Newfoundland – Anastasia and Michael. The only trace I can find of Michael is his baptismal record dated 31 Oct 1822. Information on Anastasia and her descendants follows below.

Bridget and Philip relocated to Cape Breton sometime after the birth of their children, and according to The Early Sullivans of Cape Breton, 1800-1850 by Maureen Burton McNeil, Philip made several land transfers on 6 Oct 1938 – one large piece of land on Lingan Road to his daughter Anastasia, and another 50 acres of land “on the southside of Lingan Road, from the road to the water” to Anastasia’s husband, Patrick Sullivan. (p. 3)

Philip died 19 Mar 1864 and was buried in Lingan. On the 1881 census, the widowed Bridget is living in the household of a Luke Gallivan in Sydney, and her status is listed as a pauper. She died 19 Aug 1882 and was buried in Lingan.

Anastasia HAYES* baptized 12 Dec 1819 in Newfoundland. (Anstice is the Old English/Irish form of Anastasia, so she could have been named after her maternal grandmother.) Married Patrick SULLIVAN* on 28 Nov 1838 in Cape Breton. Patrick was born circa 1811 in Ireland, according to the 1871 census. There is a Patrick Sullivan listed in Erin’s Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada, 1761-1853 arriving in Atlantic Canada in 1823, accompanied by a John Sullivan, which could be a match.

Patrick and Anastasia appear on the 1838 Cape Breton census as living in the “Lingan Road and Kilkenny” district. According to the 1867 marriage record of his daughter Catherine, Patrick was a farmer. Anastasia died sometime before 1871, where Patrick appears on the 1871 census as a widower, living in the household of his son Michael. Patrick died in 1880 and is buried in the King Edward St. Pioneer Cemetery in Glace Bay.

Anastasia and Patrick had four children:

  • Anna SULLIVAN born 2 Apr 1843. Immigrated to the United States and married firstly Unknown BLODGET. Married secondly James FAGAN on 22 Feb 1887 in Franklin, Ohio. In 1900, they were living in Groveport, and their household included two of James’ grandsons. James’ occupation is listed as farmer. In 1910, they were still living in Groveport with James’ son William and several grandchildren. In 1920, Anna was a widow and living with two of her step-grandsons. In 1930, she was a resident of St. Anthony’s Hospital in Columbus. Anna died 21 Jan 1931 in Columbus. (Patrick and Anastasia are listed as her parents on her death certificate.)
  • Catherine (Kate) SULLIVAN* born Jun 1843 in Glace Bay. Married James Duncan MCGILLIVRAY*, a coal cutter, on 24 Feb 1868 in Glace Bay. In 1871, the couple was living in Lingan, and James was working as a miner. In 1881, James was operating a pilot boat. James died 10 Mar 1896 in Low Point. His obituary (found as a clipping in the family Bible) reads:

    James D. McGillivray, one of the most energetic and successful, yet most modest and reticent pilots of Sydney harbor, died at his home on the 10th inst. The deceased, who was the son of the late Duncan McGillivray, was born at Low Point in the year 1846, where, after spending a comparatively short yet useful life, he died the death of a model Christian in the 50th year of his age. From his boyhood till about a year before his death his constitution was one of the strongest, and viewed from a physical standpoint he might well have been taken as a model of manly vigor and strength. His occupation, which was one of the most trying and which proved more than a match for many a man before, seemed to act only as a valued invigorator to his already robust constitution.

    But an unseen, an unexpected agency was in the mean time doing its deadly work. It was soon found that his only trouble which to all appearances resembled asthma, was nothing short of a serious fatty degeneration of the heart. This complaint, which had been stealing on him gradually, caused him during the last months of his life most severe and excruciating suffering. Yet he bore this with true Christian fortitude and patience praying incessantly not that his life should be spared, but that should it please God to remove him from this “vale of tears”, that mercy be granted to his immortal soul. Having received the last rites of the church on the morning of the day of his death, he passed away at 11 p.m., saying almost with his last breath, “O Lord, be merciful to me a sinner.” May his soul rest in peace.

    To his sorrowing wife and large family we extend our sincere and heartfelt sympathy in this their loss of a model and loving husband and a kind and affectionate father. The pilots of Sydney harbor lost one of their best friends and co-workers in his death, for, through thick and thin, through storm and calm, “Jimmy” was the first adviser to be questioned and in all cases, by following his opinions they were never led to do what was wrong. They will wait many a day for his equal.

    After James’ death, Catherine appears on the 1901 census as the head of the household in Lingan, consisting of herself and seven of her children. In 1911, she was living with some of her younger children and her husband’s siblings John and Joanna MCGILLIVRAY. Catherine died 26 Jan 1915 in Low Point. She and James had children:
    • Michael MCGILLIVRAY born 04 Nov 1868 in Low Point. According to The History of Donald McGillivray and his Descendants by Francis Xavier McGillivray, Michael died in 1898 in Montana of smallpox.
    • William Francis MCGILLIVRAY born 25 Jan 1870 in Low Point. Married Mary Elizabeth MCDONALD on 23 Sep 1895 in Low Point. They lived in Glace Bay. In 1901, William was working as an engine driver. In 1911, he was a watchman at a coal mine. William died 18 May 1953 in Glace Bay and is buried in St. Anne’s RC Cemetery. He and Mary had four children:
      • James Duncan MCGILLIVRAY born 6 Feb 1897 in Low Point. In May 1918, he enlisted to serve in the First World War with (6 MD) 1st Depot Battalion, NS Regiment. His attestation papers describe him as being 5 ft 10 with a dark complexion, black hair, and blue eyes, and his occupation was a clerk. James died in 1935, and his gravestone indicates that he was a priest. He is buried with his parents in St. Anne’s RC Cemetery in Glace Bay.
      • Basil Aubrey MCGILLIVRAY born 14 Jun 1898 in Low Point. He immigrated to the United States in in 1936 and lived in Hobart, Indiana, working for Carnegie Illinois Steel Co. He later worked as the supervisor of the accounting department for Gary Works steel plant. On his WWII draft card, he is described as 5 ft 8, 140 lbs, with brown hair, blue eyes, and a ruddy complexion. He died 21 Nov 1991 in Hobart.
      • Michael Thomas MCGILLIVRAY born 29 Apr 1901 in Glace Bay. Died 1955 and is buried with his parents and brother James in St. Anne’s RC Cemetery, Glace Bay.
      • Clarence MCGILLIVRAY born 1903.
    • Anastasia MCGILLIVRAY born 24 May 1872 in Low Point. Married Duncan PETRIE 28 Nov 1901 in Low Point. They lived in Sydney, and in 1911, Duncan was working as a coal cutter in Whitney Pier. In 1945 they were retired and living with their three adult sons in Sydney. Anastasia died 28 Feb 1949 in Sydney. They had children:
      • Robert Charles PETRIE born 22 May 1904 in Sydney. He was a shipper.
      • Terrance B. PETRIE born 1906. He was a teacher.
      • Iris PETRIE born 1908.
      • Fred PETRIE born 1911. He was a tallyman.
    • Duncan R. MCGILLIVRAY born 27 Mar 1873 in Low Point. According to his retirement notice (clipping found in family Bible), he was a telegrapher for the Canadian Pacific Railway for 35 years of a 44 year career. “During his years of service, ‘Dunc’, as he was familiarly known, has always been spoken of as an operator who was a perfect gentleman. He was always courteous to those with whom he was working and he always seemed to have a soft spot in his heart for the beginner, who invariably finds the going tough and the vets a rather touchy bunch.” Duncan died 27 Mar 1948 in Low Point.
    • Mary Josephine MCGILLIVRAY born 15 May 1874 in Low Point. Married William Charles LEWIS in 1902 in Low Point. In 1911, they were living in Edwardsville and William was working as a pin trimmer at a coal pier. She died 22 Aug 1949 in Edwardsville. The couple had children:
      • Mary Evelyn LEWIS born 3 Jul 1903. Does not appear on the 1911 census.
      • Simon Joseph LEWIS born 1 Dec 1904 in Edwardsville.
      • Loretta May LEWIS born 29 May 1908 in Edwardsville. Married Wilfred Washington FRASER on 31 Aug 1921. At the time of her marriage, she was a teacher. Loretta died 12 Dec 1990.
      • William Austin LEWIS born 20 Aug 1909 in Edwardsville. Died 1968 in Edwardsville.
      • Eleanor Mildred LEWIS born 20 Jun 1911 in Edwardsville. She immigrated to the United States and worked as a nurse at the United Hospital in Port Chester, New York. Eleanor died 10 Nov 2000.
      • James Edwin LEWIS born 29 Mar 1914 in Edwardsville. Died 1995.
      • Catherine Barbara LEWIS born 10 Aug 1915 in Edwardsville. She immigrated to the United States, and her papers list her occupation as a sales clerk. Died 30 Dec 2008.
    • Lenora MCGILLIVRAY born 12 Apr 1875 in Low Point. Married John GALLIVAN, an engineer. In 1911, they were living in Sydney. Lenora died 28 Dec 1959.
    • Loretta MCGILLIVRAY born 4 Apr 1877 in Low Point. Does not appear on the 1881 census.
    • Veronica MCGILLIVRAY born 4 Apr 1877 in Low Point. Twin sister of Loretta. Does not appear on the 1881 census.
    • Vincent James MCGILLIVRAY born 27 Feb 1879 in Low Point. He was a pilot in Sydney Harbour. Married Catherine Maud LING (daughter of Lawrence Ling and Harriet McGillivray) in 1902 at St. Alphonsus in Low Point. Died 29 Dec 1949 in Low Point. (See LING for descendants)
    • Patrick H. MCGILLIVRAY born 23 Apr 1881 in Low Point.
    • Veronica MCGILLIVRAY born 19 Sep 1882 in Low Point.
    • Clifford Austin MCGILLIVRAY born 27 Sep 1884 in Low Point. In 1911, he was living in the household of his brother William in Glace Bay and working as a crane operator at the coal mine banking station (perhaps THIS one). Married Catherine “Cassie” PETRIE on 30 Jan 1916 in Low Point. In 1921, they were living with Cassie’s father Henry PETRIE in Low Point and Clifford was working as an engineer, probably in the mines. He died 14 Jul 1949 in New Waterford.
    • Jeremiah Waldon MCGILLIVRAY* born 4 Apr 1886 in Low Point. In 1911, he was living with his widowed mother in Low Point and his job is listed as a farmer. Married Mary Loretta (Laura Mae) LING on 18 Jun 1916 in Low Point. At this time of his marriage, his occupation was listed as fisherman. In 1921, the family was living in Low Point and Waldon was working as a miner. He died in 1976 and is buried at St. Alphonsus in Low Point. (See LING for descendants)
    • Louis Arthur Orville MCGILLIVRAY born 29 Jul 1889 in Low Point. In 1911, he was living with his widowed mother and brothers and working as a clerk in a warehouse. He died 7 Dec 1918.
  • Michael “Black Mick” SULLIVAN born 1846 in Sydney. Married Susanna LOTT on 28 Jun 1869 in Sydney. In 1871, he was living in Lingan with his family. In 1881, his occupation is listed as a merchant. By 1891, the family had moved to Glace Bay, and his occupation is listed as a trader. Michael died 29 Apr 1900 and is buried in the King Edward St. Pioneer Cemetery in Glace Bay. After his death, his wife Susanna supported the family, working as a bar keeper (1901).

    The Early Sullivans of Cape Breton, 1800-1850 by Maureen Burton McNeil provides some additional details about Michael’s life. Apparently Michael and his father Patrick sold numerous properties back and forth between one another for many years – would be interesting to know why! He also owned a large chunk of Little Glace Bay, and both he and his wife were very influential people in the area.

    Micheal and Susanna had eleven children:
    • Philip Joseph SULLIVAN born 2 Apr 1870 in Little Glace Bay. In 1891, he was living with his parents in Glace Bay and working as a carpenter. He married firstly Margaret MONAGHAN on 16 Feb 1892 in Boston. Margaret died sometime before 1901, as he is listed as a widow on the census that year, with him and his children living in the household of his parents.

      He married secondly Catherine MCDONALD on 11 Feb 1902 in Louisburg. They moved back to Boston, and Philip was naturalized on 14 Nov 1908. His naturalization papers declare him to be working in the hotel business and describe him physically as 5’9, 220 lbs, and having brown hair and grey eyes. He died in Boston in 1919 and was buried in King Edward St. Pioneer Cemetery in Glace Bay with his family. According to his obituary, he was a late member of the Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Workers. Philip and Margaret had two children, and Philip and Catherine had five children:
      • Susan Caroline SULLIVAN born 6 Jan 1895 in Glace Bay. Married John MCCURLEY, a clerk, on 14 Jul 1913 in Glace Bay. Died 26 Sep 1945 in Sydney.
      • Philip Joseph SULLIVAN born 29 Jan 1898 in Glace Bay. (Though his birth year appears as 1901 consistently on census records). Baptized 6 Feb 1898 at St. Anne’s. In 1921, he was living as a boarder in Glace Bay in the household of Cormack MCARTHUR, where his occupation is listed as student. He immigrated to the United States in 1926. In 1928, he married Emily Jo SKILES in Marion, West Virginia and had children. The couple was living in Fairmont, West Virginia in 1930, and Joseph was working as the manager of a gasoline station. In 1940, they were living in Paw Paw, where Joseph worked as an electrician. He died Apr 1983 in Rivesville, Marion County.
      • Lidia SULLIVAN born 1904
      • Michael SULLIVAN born 1905
      • Mary Josephine SULLIVAN born 4 Feb 1906. Married Maurice Davis CHAMBERS, a longshoreman and a US Navy veteran of both World Wars. They lived in San Diego. She died 21 Jan 1989 in San Diego.
      • Patrick SULLIVAN born 1907
      • Margaret Anastasia SULLIVAN born 27 Sep 1908 in Boston. Married Fred KING, a mariner, on 12 Mar 1926 in Chelsea, Mass. In 1930, she was living in Boston with her children and widowed mother. In 1940, the family was living in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, where Fred worked for the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office. Margaret died 22 Jun 1940 in Sault Ste Marie.
    • Caroline Mathilda (Carrie) SULLIVAN born 23 Oct 1871 in Glace Bay. Married Aubrey Daniel STEVENS, a merchant, on 10 Oct 1899 in Sydney. In 1901, the couple was living in Glace Bay, where Aubrey worked as a machinist. By 1911, they were living in Dominion, and Aubrey was employed as an engineer at the coal mine. Caroline died in 1920 and is buried in Glace Bay. They had children:
      • Michael Joseph STEVENS born 1900. In 1921, was living with his parents and working as an engineer.
      • Josephine STEVENS born 9 Oct 1902 in Glace Bay. Alive on the 1921 census.
      • Maria Bertha Caroline STEVENS born 14 Mar 1905 in Glace Bay. She moved to the United States in 1926. In 1930, she was living in Medford, Mass. and working as a registered nurse at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Bertha married Lennart M. LINDGREN sometime after 1932. She died 6 Feb 1949 in Medford.
      • Susan Harriet STEVENS born 1907. Married John James MACINTOSH, a machinist, on 24 No 1939 in Bridgeport.
      • Aubrey William STEVENS born 8 Feb 1909 in Dominion. He was a coal miner. Married Annie CROSBY on 8 Oct 1940 in Bridgeport. Died 25 Dec 1964 in Dominion.
      • Wendall Austin Aloysius STEVENS born 8 May 1910 in Dominion. He was killed in an explosion in 1928.
    • Michael Thomas SULLIVAN born 13 Mar 1874 in Glace Bay. In 1891, he was living with his parents in Glace Bay and working as a clerk. At the time of the 1901 census, he was living with his widowed mother. The same year, he graduated from McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine in Montreal. He married Catherine (Cassie) MCLEAN on 11 Jun 1902 in Antigonish.

      Dr. Sullivan had a distinguished medical career. After graduated from McGill, he set up shop in Glace Bay and did post-graduate studies in the UK and Paris. Not only was he very successful as a surgeon and general practitioner, he was also Medical Health Officer for Glace Bay from 1901-1908 and again from 1923-1925, a marine doctor from 1901-1912, and the Dean of Medical Staff at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

      Glace Bay was the centre of a large mining region, so there were frequent industrial accidents to deal with. Dr. Sullivan was also a champion for public health, fighting against tuberculosis, infant mortality, and unsanitary dairy practices. He also advocated for school inspections, pasteurization of milk, and stricter sanitation practices. According to Kathleen MacKenzie’s thesis on public health in Cape Breton, he was “one of the more outspoken physicians of his time.” (p. 53)

      Info on his medical career was drawn from the following sources:
      HISTORY OF NOVA SCOTIA VOLUME III Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens and Genealogical Records of the Old Families by by David Allison & Clyde Edwin Tuck
      The Development of a Permanent Public Health Care System in Industrial Cape Breton 1880 to 1930 by Kathleen M. MacKenzie

      Michael died 18 Nov 1928 in Glace Bay. After his death, his wife Catherine moved to Halifax with their children, where she made great contributions to the community. She was the first female Alderman in English Canada, serving in Ward 3 of the City of Halifax from 1934-1940. Catherine worked hard to improve conditions for the poor and introduced domestic science courses for women as well as serving with many councils, leagues, and service/charitable organizations.

      Michael and Catherine had seven children:
      • Michael Thomas Gregory SULLIVAN born 14 Apr 1904 in Glace Bay. Died 1975 and is buried in Glace Bay.
      • James D’Arcy SULLIVAN born 2 Jan 1906 in Glace Bay. He graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts and then moved to the United States to attend Harvard. His naturalization papers list his occupation as “section manager” and his physical appearance as 5’10, 145 lbs, with brown hair and brown-grey eyes. James married Gertrude Elizabeth WOOD on 15 Aug 1933 in Halifax, and at the time of his marriage, his occupation is listed as an advertising solicitor.
      • Mary Carmel Florentia SULLIVAN born 8 May 1909 in New Aberdeen. Married Thomas MEAHAN. Died 11 Sep 1986 and is buried in Halifax.
      • Edmund Cornelius SULLIVAN born 16 Aug 1910 in Glace Bay. Died 25 Jan 1985 and is buried in Glace Bay.
      • Gerald Arthur SULLIVAN born/died 1911 in Glace Bay.
      • Victor Eustace SULLIVAN born 1913 in New Aberdeen. Married Mary Margaret MACLEAN, a stenographer, on 28 Sep 1942 in New Waterford. At the time of his marriage, he was working as a salesman at a wholesale grocery.
      • Gerald Redmond SULLIVAN born 10 Nov 1914 in New Aberdeen. In 1947, he moved to Valatie, New York, and his destination is listed as the St. Joseph of the Holy Cross Juniorate, which may mean he intended to join the priesthood.
    • Anastasia SULLIVAN born 7 Mar 1877 in Glace Bay. Married John William DEVISON, a coal mine manager. In 1901, the couple was living in Glace Bay, and in 1908, they immigrated to the United States. In 1910, they were living in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, and in 1920, they had settled in Paw Paw, West Virginia. Anastasia died 20 Apr 1953 in Fairmont, West Virginia. They had children:
      • Mary Josephine DEVISON born 12 June 1899. In 1931, she was living in Fairmont, West Virginia, and her occupation is listed as student. Died 3 Nov 1976 in Fairmont.
      • Olive DEVISON born 16 Aug 1903 in Glace Bay. Married Colby MYERS on 11 Jun 1928 in Patchogue, New York. Colby was an officer in the U.S. Army, and in 1930, the couple was living in Fort Dupont Delaware. In 1940, they were living in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Olive died 8 Apr 1991 in San Diego.
      • Austin Wendell DEVISON born 18 Jul 1905 in Dominion. Married Thelma SATTERFIELD in 1935 in Monongalia, West Virginia. In 1940, the couple was living in Falls, Fayette, West Virginia, and Austin was working as a hydro operator. Austin died 29 May 1968 in Fayette.
      • Edna Corinne DEVISON born 6 Oct 1910 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Married John LUMENS in 1941 in Marion, West Virginia. Died 3 Sep 1977 in San Diego.
      • John William DEVISON born 26 Jun 1913 in Grant Town, West Virginia. In 1940, he was living in Fairmont, West Virginia, and working for Allied Service Station Co. in Rivesville. He served as a staff sergeant in the US Army during WWII. Married Dorothy HAAS in Marion in 1963. Died 3 Jun 1998 in Fairmont.
      • Anastasia DEVISON born 9 Sep 1917 in Grant Town, West Virginia. Married John CAMPBELL. Died 13 Feb 1994
    • Mary Josephine SULLIVAN born 22 Feb 1878 in Glace Bay. Married John ABRIEL. Died 30 Nov 1898 and is buried in King Edward St. Pioneer Cemetery in Glace Bay.
    • Sarah Minnie SULLIVAN born 5 Jun 1881 in Glace Bay. Does not appear on the 1891 census, so likely died young.
    • Emma (Emily) Sara SULLIVAN born 27 May 1882 in Glace Bay. Married Daniel MCNEIL, a doctor, on 14 Oct 1914 in Glace Bay. Died 12 Mar 1958 in Glace Bay.
    • Bridget Theresa (Bridie) SULLIVAN born 27 May 1884 in Glace Bay. According to Burton McNeil, she lived in New York and worked as a registered nurse, never marrying.
    • Laura May SULLIVAN born 26 Sep 1886 in Glace Bay. Married John Arthur ROY, an engineer, on 20 May 1915 in Glace Bay and had issue.
    • John Lawrence SULLIVAN born 5 Sep 1889 in Glace Bay. He married Frances CLARKE on 29 Oct 1908 in Brookline, Mass., where he was working as a machinist. In 1910, the couple was living in Boston, and John was working as a streetcar conductor. According to Burton McNeil, he served with the Royal Canadian Army Veterinary Corps during the First World War (and later gained renown for his surgical practice with horses in the Cape Breton mines.) In 1921, he and his wife were living in Woodstock, New Brunswick, and his occupation is listed as a veterinary surgeon. He died 14 Jun 1945 in Sydney. On his death certificate, his wife is listed as Maudina McDONALD.
    • Joseph A. SULLIVAN born 1891. Does not appear on 1901 census.
  • James J. SULLIVAN born 1856 in Sydney. He moved to Boston and was a builder and a carpenter. James married firstly Marion COPOLY on 5 Jun 1892 in Boston, and he married secondly Catherine HACKETT on 10 Jul 1899 in Boston. James died 21 Jun 1909 in Boston.

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